Barbara Savage Named 2018-19 Harmsworth Visiting Professor of American History at Oxford University

We are very proud to announce that Barbara D. Savage, has been named the 2018-19 Harmsworth Visiting Professor of American History at Oxford University.  Savage is the Geraldine R. Segal Professor in American Social Thought and chair of Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.   As part of the year-long appointment, Savage also will be a Fellow at The Queen’s College and be affiliated with the faculty at Oxford’s Rothermere American Institute.  She will deliver a major fall lecture, assist with seminars and organize a symposium or conference on a topic related to American history.  One of the few specialists in African American History to hold the professorship since it was founded in 1922, Savage was preceded by Annette Gordon Reed, Richard Blackett, and Robin Kelley.  Savage plans to complete work on her study of Merze Tate, a diplomatic historian who was the first African-American woman to receive a graduate degree from Oxford, in 1935. “One does not apply for this position, so I was both surprised, elated and humbled when I received the invitation,” Savage told Penn.  We too are elated, but not surprised. Congratulations from ABWH Barbara!



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